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Air Freight

To control the quality of services from one place to another, it is possible to facilitate the import and export methods, increase the flexibility of transportation and reduce costs, by using air transport on a daily basis and contracting with many transport companies to transport goods via air freight.
Al Ahood Shipping Services in Dubai, the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East offers the best AIR CARGO LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS to make the procedures starting from receiving the shipment until delivery with the lowest possible delivery period while providing the appropriate prices by air freight.

Al-Ahood Freight Forwarding Service offers well-documented preparation, cargo insurance arrangement, access to information on moving cargo around the world, and customs clearance services.
Al-Ahood Freight Services in the United Arab Emirates and the world relies on a group of innovative technologies for logistics services and air freight solutions that meet the requirements and needs of the customer. The importance of our many services, starting from receiving shipments to supply chain management and value-added services, is evident, as it helps to enhance the efficiency of business and save time, effort and money.
Providing logistics services is important for the growth and development of commercial companies, and small and medium enterprises in particular, in light of the challenges that often stand in their way in finding solutions that meet their needs. Individuals to grow until there is good competition in the regional economy.

Advantages of Al-Ahood services in air freight
  • Providing door-to-door shipping solutions or door-to-airport shipping services at the right price.

  • Daily flights to most of the world's airports and cities.

  • Extensive experience in refrigerated air freight and air transit operations.

  • Making the documents required by customs and permitting export or import.

  • Provide packaging service for shipments, whatever they may be.

  • Contracting with appropriate airlines to transport goods and special shipments quickly.

  • A professional and specialized team to provide services.

  • Provide insurance on air shipments, according to requirements.

  • Always strive to achieve your requirements by reducing time and at the lowest costs.

  • Facilitating the air freight process to meet customer requirements.

  • Shopping freely without worrying about excess weight when traveling. We can receive your shipments from any area in Dubai and the UAE and deliver them to your desired destination.

  • Always striving to achieve the customer's goal of saving time and maintaining shipments at the lowest costs.

  • Quality of service and gaining customers' trust.

  • Excess weight delivery services for travelers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

Air freight terms and conditions:

  1. Prices often do not include any tax or customs charges in the country of destination
  2. Any piece in the shipment weighing more than 70 kilograms, an additional fee of 350 dirhams will be applied for each piece weighing more than 70 kilograms
  3. When there is any piece in the shipment that cannot be placed on pallets with a size exceeding 120 cm, an additional fee of 350 dirhams per piece will be applied.
  4. The cost is calculated based on the actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater.
  5. In the event that the shipment is returned due to a wrong address, or the recipient refuses to receive the shipment, the shipping costs to the exporting country shall be borne by the customer
  6. In the event the customs office requests any paper or document, the customer must provide it as soon as possible
  7. Prices do not include any packaging or insurance costs
  8. When weighing, any digital fractions appear. The weight is rounded to the nearest whole number above (for example: if the weight is 8.2 kg, the weight is calculated as 9 kg
  9. Weighted volume is calculated according to the following formula: Weighted volume = (length * width * height) / 5000. In the case of air freight
  10. Liquids, perfumes, and flammable materials cannot be shipped.
  11. Changing or correcting the address after shipping costs 75 dirhams

Feature Service

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.


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