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Packaging services

Al Ahood Shipping Services is one of the shipping companies working in shipping and transporting furniture from Dubai and the UAE, and it ships and packs factory, restaurant, company and home furniture from Dubai and other Emirates cities. Al Ahood Shipping Services has provided advanced and professional services in packaging and packing shipments, furniture and personal items in a manner that suits the customer’s requirements in terms of service quality, cost and time. the cities of the United Arab Emirates and abroad, where we have provided this service with distinction over many years of experience, starting from receiving home furniture to delivery all over the world.

Because the furniture packaging service is one of the most important steps in moving furniture (luggage) it needs high professionalism, as it is one of the basic ingredients on which the safety of goods and the success of the service depends.

Al-Ahood Shipping Services offers a highly professional team that is familiar with the different ways of protecting furniture. On the other hand, the company relies in its policy of preserving goods on the diversity of methods and materials used in packaging and packing furniture and personal items to suit what is appropriate, which includes: wooden and cardboard packaging of sizes Cardboard with different thicknesses, as well as wooden furniture packaging paper, corrugated paper, packaging plastic, and filling materials such as fiber, sponge, and bubble sheet.

 Al-Ahood Shipping Services is a pioneer in the process of transporting home furniture from the UAE to various countries of the world, by finding the best innovative ways to pack and unpack home, hotel and office furniture, with professional door-to-door care, where we provide you with the safety of movables and full protection for all contents and their safe arrival.

The most important features that Al-Ahood Shipping Services offers in its services for packing:
  • We offer the best dismantling and installation services for all types of home, hotel and corporate furniture, all kinds of electrical appliances, chandeliers, curtains, air conditioning and other devices. We also pack furniture, antiques, glassware and household items from the contents of bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms with the finest packaging materials.

  • Diversity of methods and materials used in the packaging process and others that help to save shipments, furniture and other household items, electrical appliances and electronic equipment.

  • A professional cadre that speaks several languages with experience and skill in executing difficult and delicate work, working throughout the week in order to obtain customer satisfaction.

  • We always strive to achieve the customers' goal in providing the best services, saving time and maintaining shipments at the lowest costs.

  • Providing an international furniture shipping service, including packaging, to ensure the maximum security of the shipment, speed of arrival, and completion of the documents required for transportation and clearance.

  • We provide storage service for furniture or merchandise.

  • Equipped transport trucks give flexibility to transport shipments after packaging or storage.

  • Marking the shipment through a detailed packing document for the items that makes it easy for the customer to easily rearrange them at the place of destination

Feature Service

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.


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