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Partial Shipment and Consolidation of Shipments

Since 2008, Al-Ahood Shipping Services has been providing services in partial shipping and the collection of shipments of goods and purchases from the Emirates to the world and vice versa within organized and scheduled services between the Emirates and the countries of the world, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Partial shipping is a good system for small and medium shipments that form part of the container. The use of partial shipping is a saving in shipping costs and gives flexibility in the shipping process, although it takes more time, but it is a suitable solution for air freight.

LCL \ LTL partial shipping?

LCL sea freight partial:

Al-Ahood Shipping Services offers the service via sea freight from Dubai and the UAE through Jebel Ali Port to most of the ports and cities of the world, where the partial shipping system and the collection of shipments depends on shipping the customer’s goods in part of the container with several other shipments that are collected in the warehouses of Al-Ahood shipping services and from Then send it in a common container to its destination, this means that your shipment is combined with other shipments destined for the same destination. Shipping cost is usually calculated in cubic metres. In the case of shipping from China to the Emirates or from South Korea or from Dubai, shipping can be done Without being bound to send a full private container waiting to be assembled for a long time.

LTL Land Partial Shipping:

And it is done by collecting shipments and sending them by land freight from the Emirates to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Sultanate of Oman, Jordan, Sudan, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Iraq. Al-Ahood Freight Services team delivers it to you, as your destination from the Emirates to the Gulf countries and the Middle East or in Europe, Canada, America, China, Asian countries and the world

The characteristics of the partial shipping service and the collection of shipments for Al-Ahood for shipment:
  • Speed in receiving goods and shipments and assembling them in warehouses and making customs transactions for them as required.

  • Making the procedures and permits required for shipments when exporting or importing from the Emirates.

  • Work to achieve the customer's goal in short delivery time at the lowest costs.

  • Providing trained technical workers to load and unload shipments to ensure their safety.

  • A distinguished team in the field of shipping in addition to clients in the Gulf countries, the Middle East, Europe and America.

  • Contribute to facilitating the process of international trade between the Emirates and all cities and ports of the world.

  • Providing packaging services and packages of goods.

  • Offer insurance service on shipments, according to customer requirements.

  • We work on regular flight schedules and specific arrival times, with the possibility of tracking some shipments.

  • We offer storage services and assembling goods in the warehouses of Al-Ahood Shipping Company and making documents related to shipping to the destination country.

Feature Service

Providing good equipment for land freight

Offer insurance services for land shipments

Door-to-door delivery services

Customs clearance service


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