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Shipping boats and marine yachts

Al Ahood Shipping Services Company is one of the best companies specialized in shipping and transporting boats and marine yachts from the Emirates, where we have experience in shipping and transporting boats and yachts over many years. We have transported to all cities of the Gulf Cooperation Council via land freight or to the ports of the world via sea freight, Marine yachts and the boats and the process of transporting them is considered an important requirement in the United Arab Emirates, where there is a local boat industry as well.

Types of boats and marine yachts:

– Wooden boat with a submersible: It is one of the boats designed for difficult and long trips and that can bear large numbers and weights. The lack of a submersible leads to the overturn of the boat with the breaking of the waves.
Wooden boat without submersible: It is one of the most difficult wooden boats to drive and balance, and the reason for the lack of a submersible is that it depends on manual rowing, and some of them have a motor whose power does not exceed 8 hp because it is low speed and depends on balance.

– Fishing or picnic boat: There are amateur boats used for fishing, but at a distance of no more than 2 km from the shore, i.e. a depth of 8 meters, they are of three types: rubber boats - rubber fiber boats with motors - fiber pedal boats.

Types of boats and marine yachts:

Weekender Yacht

 Small yachts are suitable for sailing for short distances within a few days and its name indicates that it is suitable for weekends and usually accommodates 5 to 6 people as a maximum.

Cruiser Yacht Mobile Yacht

These yachts are famous for the comfort they offer to those who sail on board, as they contain three bedrooms and a salon to ensure the best accommodation for their passengers. What distinguishes them is also that they are sports boats and can be used for several water activities.

Luxury Yacht

These yachts can accommodate more than 30 people and are famous for the utmost luxury and comfort. These yachts are air-conditioned and contain luxurious bedrooms, salons and bathrooms suitable for personal acquisition and for extended stays in the middle of the seas.

Mega Yacht

It is the largest and the longest among the family of marine yachts, and it is suitable for long trips, parties and other huge occasions, as it can accommodate more than 50 people. It also features swimming pools, which gives its passengers the most wonderful sailing experience.

Mechanism of shipping and transporting boats and marine yachts from the Emirates:

We have this service from Dubai and the UAE to all regions of the Arabian Gulf through land freight through several methods as follows:

Transporting giant yachts and ships: huge low bed trucks with suitable specifications are used, with a length of more than 20 meters

Medium-sized yachts transport: long low bed trucks suitable for them with a length of more than 10 meters are used

Transport of yachts, boats and small boats: short-haul trucks are available for this.

Loading boats and marine yachts:

Boats and yachts are lifted with modern cranes to ensure its safety and the absence of any scratches or shocks that would affect the safety of the yacht.

Insurance during shipping and transportation:

Al-Ahood Shipping Services offers the option of arranging insurance on the boat or yacht during shipping and transportation as follows:

Ensuring safe transportation during the shipping stages while taking the relevant measures through a specialized team that inspects and measures the transportation route and escorts it on international roads to the borders.

Offering the option of full documentation and insurance services during shipment and transportation.

Work is being done to secure transportation, tension and fastening to ensure safety and security with expertise and professionalism.

Feature Service

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.


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