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Shipping from Dubai to USA

Transporting goods and shipping to America from Dubai to the United States of America is very much in demand, especially because both destinations are among the most visited places in the world and because both include places that distinguish them from anywhere in the world, which increases the need to transport goods between them easily and with professional and reliable shipping services . Whether transporting the entire contents of a place or even shipping small packages of all kinds.

Al-Ahood Shipping, the leader in the field of shipping to America from Dubai and various shipping services, makes us experienced. We provide shipping service to the United States of America from Dubai, where we ship to various ports in the United States of America, which are represented in the port of Baton Rouge, and the port of Corpus Christi Christi, the port of Houston, the port of Long beach, the port of Los Angeles, the port of New Orleans, the port of New York, the port of Plaquemines, the port of Tampa and the port of Texas City.

We offer a shipping service to America from Dubai by air shipping and door to door

You can use our shipping services to America from Dubai in Al-Ahood for personal or even commercial purposes, and with the same level of efficiency, and in all cases we will make sure that your items arrive on time exactly while maintaining them professionally during the shipping process from Dubai to the United States of America.

When ordering our services:

 We send delegates to inspect the items that will be shipped from Dubai to the United States, so that we will be able in Al-Ahood to determine the appropriate truck for the shipping process from Dubai to the United States of America, the final cost and even the number of delegates that we will be required to send when receiving the items from its place in Dubai.

After specifying all the details of the shipping process to the USA from Dubai,

We send delegates to make the supplies, and pack them properly and with the appropriate packing materials for each piece separately, to ensure that it is preserved from any damage throughout the shipping process.

The packaging process is not easy and we provide it to you to ensure that the shipping process runs in an ideal manner, and even the transfer of goods to the truck if it is furniture or any of that requires high efficiency so as not to be scratched or damaged.

The time to pack in our trucks comes after the delegates have completed the entire packing process,

We have trucks of different sizes to suit the items being transported so that we save you any extra cost for space you won’t need in transport trucks. Our trucks are precisely equipped to contain the products without causing any damage to them, and they also have the possibility of cooling because high temperature and various atmospheric factors may affect the products very negatively.

In the case of the sea freight service, you will have two options, one of which reduces the cost price and the second ensures that the shipment is delivered much faster

The first option is what you’ll want to have if you don’t have a waiting time.

And you can choose the shipping service in a container for your belongings only, so that you will get your things as quickly as possible, but if you are not in a hurry to receive the items in the nearest time, you can choose to share the container with other customers, and thus you will bear a much lower cost than the one container option, but you will have to Waiting for a longer time until the container is fully filled and then shipped from Dubai to one of the ports of the United States of America.

How long does the shipping process take?

The shipping process for each customer takes an average of ten days, and an average of five days is usually,

Make sure you are not late placing your order with us so that we can deliver your items

In a timely manner and there is no delay that can occur as a result of your delay in requesting the service.

 Whichever method of shipping is used; we deliver the shipped goods to the detailed receiving place.

And you will not have to go anywhere to receive your items, but they will come to you to the door. We have trusted local agents within the country to complete the shipping process and with the same efficiency as the previous employees. Not only that, we provide the service of arranging items in the new place and dismantling the shipment in order to save you any worthless effort and you can Invest your time to enjoy the new items of any kind, do not forget to ask about this service to make sure that it is available in the case of your shipment, as it is an additional service that is prepared before sending the shipment.

Through the package of services for shipping items from Dubai to the United States of America, which we offer in Al-Ahood Shipping, we are keen to satisfy our customers from every possible destination,

That is why we choose competitive prices and different price plans, from which you can decide what suits you best,

To find out the expected price of the goods you want to ship, you can use the available price calculator


On our website, it is a small form that requires placing goods information and personal contact information and we will contact you quickly to let you know the required cost and all other details of the shipping process to the United States of America from Dubai.

And because we know that crediting a shipping company on your own items is very difficult, especially with the presence of many unprofessional companies that do not respect the right of the customer in any way, we have developed a strict insurance policy whose purpose is to reassure you that if any of the pieces were exposed to any unintended damage, of course because any mistake With the high efficiency of the staff and the extreme accuracy of the shipping process from the starting point to the end point, you will get more than twice the damaged piece, and thus you can make the shipping decision with complete confidence and with all possible psychological comfort.

What distinguishes Al-Ahood Shipping Company?

Our company is characterized by its employees at a good level of professionalism, speed of assistance, commitment to time and all dates of receipt and delivery, in addition to taking care to treat each shipped piece as if it were a personal item and protecting it from damage or loss.

We seek to delight the customer, to be his first choice in all other shipping operations he needs, whether at the local or international level, to be in a practical partnership with him in the long term.

Offers of special services in Al-Ahood Shipping Company:
  • Services that need special care: a complete specialized treatment of high-end, high-value products.

  • Timely Services: On-time shipment and delivery services.

  • Cross-border: Integrate customs clearance, cargo management, and transportation into a seamless supply chain solution.

  • Temperature control: cold and chilled temperature by utilizing advanced control systems.

  • Network management: a single point of accountability for improved responsiveness and simplified communication.

Feature Service

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.


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