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Shipping from UAE to Ethiopia

If you are looking for a reliable shipping company to Ethiopia from Abu Dhabi, it provides delivery service as soon as possible. You are in the right place. Al-Ahood Cargo is a leading shipping company to Ethiopia.
Our experience in shipping goods and personal belongings over the past 10 years makes us the best in this field.

Prices and shipping cost to Ethiopia:

The price of a kilogram is 7.9 dirhams per kilogram, the minimum allowed quantity is 45 kilograms.
In addition to 375 dirhams on the entire shipment, the fees for clearing procedures in the UAE.

Transfer to Addis Ababa airport.

Ten reasons why Al-Ahood Shipping is the best shipping company from UAE to Ethiopia

  • Closed and refrigerated trucks to ensure the safety of the contents from high temperatures during the shipping process.

  • Completing the process of transportation and shipping easily and conveniently.

  • Speed of delivery in a time period not exceeding 6 working days, with an average time of 4 working days for each customer.

  • Honesty, speed and time commitment are the principles of Al-Ahood Shipping Company.

  • Our prices are suitable and competitive and our services are distinguished.

  • Answer any inquiries and questions with professionalism and full knowledge.

  • We are proud of the principle of 100% customer happiness.

Al-Ahood Shipping is one of the best air freight companies to Ethiopia from Abu Dhabi, if you have some cartons or travel bags and you want to ship them to Ethiopia, you are in the right place, contact the customer service employee at Al-Ahood Shipping so that they can help

Feature Service

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.


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