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Shipping methods from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman

Air freight from Dubai to Muscat:

Air freight is the fastest, most accurate and flexible type of freight. Therefore, Al-Ahood Shipping Company is considered a pioneer in providing air freight services in the Gulf and Middle East region, starting from receiving the shipment from the customer until its delivery in Muscat.

Advantages of Al-Ahood services in air freight from Dubai to Amman:

Skill in completing the procedures and documents required when shipping or receiving goods.

Choosing the appropriate airlines and flights to transport goods in the shortest time.

Packing, packaging, and transportation of goods

Sea freight from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman:

Maritime shipping is the artery of the Gulf economy, maritime transport for the completion of commercial transactions between the various continents of the world, as Dubai is a global trade center in the Gulf region and a point of contact between Asia, the Middle East and Africa.
Al-Ahood offers the best sea freight services through full containers of all sizes and types or fragmented (bulk) shipments. Al-Ahood provides shipping services on a regular basis from Jebel Ali Port in Dubai to all ports of the Sultanate of Oman.

The advantages offered by covenant companies in sea freight to the Sultanate of Oman:
  • Facilitating the process of international trade between the UAE and Oman

  • The best ways in which goods can be shipped and delivered, whether complete or partial.

  • Speed in completing the procedures and documents required when shipping goods, as well as customs clearance.

  • Car shipping services from Dubai to the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat and Omani cities.

  • The dates of the regular flights and the dates of arrival, and the commitment of the shippers to these dates, as well as the prices and itineraries, regardless of the quantities of the shipped goods.

  • Shipping to Sultan Qaboos Port, Sohar Port, Salalah Port, Duqm Port, according to the customer's request.

Land freight from Dubai to Oman:

Al-Ahood provides freight services for goods through land freight from the Emirates to all cities of the Sultanate of Oman from door to door by providing trucks of different levels

The most important features and services provided by Al-Ahood Company via land freight to the Sultanate of Oman:

  • Trucks help to transport goods with ease.

  • Packing and packing services for furniture and home furnishings.

  • Car shipping service, vehicles and boats from Dubai to Amman.

  • Packing goods from furniture or other items in a distinctive way that makes the goods safe until arrival.

  • Punctuality is our goal as there is rarely any delay in the arrival of any items on time.

  • Provide transportation service at the lowest prices for all types of products, whether you need refrigerated transport, where we have refrigerators and refrigerated trucks that maintain the required temperature

  • Shorten distances, reduce time, and maintain products at the lowest costs.

  • Transporting vegetables, fruits and meat, all at the lowest costs.

The service cities covered by Al-Ahood in shipping from Dubai to

Oman: Al-Ahood Company covers large areas of the Sultanate of Oman, the most important of which are: Muscat, Salalah, Sohar, Nizwa, Buraimi, Seeb and many areas and cities in Oman.

Feature Service

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.

Providing good equipment for land freight.


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